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Arcadia is a provocative film that stirs up lots of conversation wherever it screens. Over the coming months, Arcadia is being screened all over the UK, not just in cinemas but in lots of interesting places, from community centres, art galleries and music festivals, from village halls to outdoor screenings in woodlands, on farms, allotments and even in a disused quarry. Organising film screenings in your community can be a powerful way of engaging people in local issues, or simply offering up a good excuse to get together and celebrate.

Above: Arcadia was previewed  at Lower Hewood Farm, Somerset, during the Harvest Film Festival. The Harvest Film Festival explores our relationship with farming, food and the land through a curated programme of films, and is offering a selection of short films on DVD to screen with Arcadia.
Above: Independent cinemas and local arts centres are important spaces for people to gather and for cultural life to thrive, especially in more rural areas like Bridport, Dorset, where the Bridport Arts Centre is the regular venue for the Bridport Film Society
Community Screenings

Capture peoples’ imaginations and inspire debate

Host a feast, celebrate with local food

Ask local poets to respond to the film

Invite a local musician to curate the evening

Choose an unusual venue

Screen Harvest Short Films with Arcadia

At Your Local Cinema

What if Arcadia isn’t screening near me?

Ask your local cinema to screen the film

Get in touch with OUR SCREEN to organise your own cinema screening 

Host a Q & A to explore the themes of Arcadia

Collaborate with a local environmental group, film club or college

Screen Harvest Short Films with Arcadia

Above: The Bristol-based arts collective Compass Presents, specialise in curating outdoor cinema in imaginative ways and in evocative places, like here at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. With Common Ground, Compass Presents is developing a outdoor screening event to celebrate Arcadia.
Above: The Youth Cinema Foundation teaches film-making to young people in Somerset. With Youth Cinema Foundation, Common Ground is developing a film-making workshop which responds to Arcadia, building technical skills, confidence and engagement with local landscapes.
Outdoor Screenings

Cinema doesn’t need to be inside a cinema

In the woods, on common land, at a music festival or city farm

Invite poets and musicians to perform before and after the film

Commission an arts group to curate a live, immersive, one-off event

Screen short film from the BFI National Archive 

Pop-up Film School

Tools for learning

Screen Arcadia at a secondary school, college or university

Challenge students to respond to Arcadia

Explore local links between archive, folk stories and landscape

Run film-making or story-telling workshops

Anybody can host a screening of Arcadia. Whether you’re a student, teacher, town councillor, artist, musician, farmer, conservationist, chef, or activist. All you need is a DVD of the film and a screening license from the BFI, who are distributing the film. If you’ve never organised a film screening before, Common Ground can help and also give you ideas to shape an event to suit your audience.

The cost of a screening license ranges from £65 to £300, depending on the event you are organising and the size of the audience. For larger, ticketed events, BFI will negotiate a percentage of ticket sales with you. Get in touch to find out what option suits your event.